Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Easily Available Material

But this is not all; there is also a great variety of materials that can be used. The lanterns can be made of the popular rice paper, nylon, silk, wedding paper, fire resistant paper, tough paper and so on. The use of bamboo or metal frames is also very common, to give support to the shapes or big sizes. The best part is also that the material used is very easily available. If you opt to make it all by yourself you can use a sheet of coloured card or, even better, common wrapping paper.
In short, this most affordable and elegant decorative object is available in a dazzlingly wide range.

Shapes and Sizes Used

Besides this, you can be assured that if you had a particular shape in mind as well then this could almost certainly also be provided. Sizes range from the miniscule “baby’s bottom”, as they are commonly known, to the giant “Buddha’s gastronomy” used to decorate porches and temples. The other traditional shapes like the round “big red”, the cylinder-shaped “rolling paper” and the geometrically-shaped “crystal magic” are popular too. You also have the choice of what to illuminate them with: candles or battery-operated electric bulbs.

Kaleidoscopic Range

Browse the market or check online for lanterns and you will be stunned to see the wide range of designs, shapes, sizes and colours available. It will definitely dumbfound you to see the wide range of colours that are available today, without reducing the popularity of the traditional and basic coluors. Some are decorated with a single colour, some with a combination of contrasting colours and some with dazzling multicoloured designs. The breadth of the range available means that no matter what combination of colours you are looking for, it can almost certainly be found.

Affordable and Attractive

The major concern while choosing the best decorations is always the budget. Anyone would want to make sure that choosing the best options to beautify their place does not put them out of pocket. This is where paper lanterns come into their own. Besides being the most elegant and eye-catching decorations, these lanterns are also available at surprisingly affordable prices. The materials used to make these lanterns are eco-friendly, cheap and readily available, and they take almost no effort to make, which makes them all the more affordable. Not to mention that if you do opt for these lanterns you can be sure of reducing your electricity bill.

Paper Lanterns as Lighting Options

Where decoration is concerned, whether it is inside the house or for exteriors illumination is the most important part; without it your decorations have little effect. So, then, why not choose an option which serves both of these purposes, providing both decoration and illumination. Yes indeed, we are talking about dazzling, decorative and designer paper lanterns, which have swept away countries all over the world, coming to be seen as one of the most attractive forms of decoration. These lanterns originated in China and today are sold across all five continents. Let us see what it is about these paper lanterns that makes them so attractive and popular.